Saturday, November 14, 2009

Considering a Florida Vacation For Next Spring?

Considering a Florida vacation next Spring?

Instead of following conventional wisdom and choosing an all-inclusive resort with the kids, why not “rent” your very own private resort and enjoy the journey just as much as the destination?

There is no need to travel too far from home to enjoy a tropical family vacation aboard a brand new Gemini catamaran. Traditionally this time of year is perfect for sailing in South Florida with plenty of sun shine, winds easterly 10 -15 knots and the surf 2 -4 feet outside the reefs.

Hop aboard in Ft Lauderdale and sail all the way to Key West, enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way as you go. Each day has its own distinct personality but the gentle breeze and inviting waters remain consistent and make the region an ideal catamaran cruising ground. Enjoy that perfect sunrise as your family anticipates the activities of the day ahead……maybe some snorkeling in North Americas only living coral reef or see who can catch “the big one” with some light tackle fishing. Perhaps a school of dolphins will accompany you along the way or colorful tropical fish will make a splash for your private enjoyment. Upon arriving in Key West visit the Aquarium or the Butterfly Conservatory or just take a Key West Electric Car GPS tour. Everyone will enjoy the sites and sounds of the world famous Duval Street and don’t forget Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville! Your family will create a lifetime, priceless memory that will become their #1 vacation of all time!

And the best part?

Compare the price of a 10 day stay for a family of 4 at a resort vs. 10 days aboard a Gemini catamaran! You will be very pleasantly surprised.

10 Days at #1 rated Trip Advisor Key West Hotel $ 4,195
10 Days Mid-size rental car $ 365
10 Days Meals for 4 $ 1,500
10 Days Activities for 4 $ 1,000
TOTAL $ 7,060

Your Gemini Charter won’t cost you as much that!

So why didn’t I think of that?

Contact us today for a detailed charter quote at or call 1.800.262.0308 for more information.

TIP: Detailed sailing route is available upon request.

2010 Gemini 34 ft. Catamaran Available For Charter In Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Free Catamaran Sailing Confidence Clinic

If your desire is to charter a large catamaran but feel slightly overwhelmed and question your sailing skills then consider NauticEd. Try taking one of the online courses which could qualify you in advance and eliminate the need to pay a ‘company’ skipper when chartering a catamaran. All you need to do is sign up and the FREE catamaran sailing confidence clinic valued at $39 will be waiting for you in your list of paid for courses. Once you’ve logged in- don’t forget to fill out your FREE sailing logbook so that you can apply it towards your NauticEd Sailing Certification. If you have an iPhone- download our free iPhone App which keeps your sailing resume up to date. Once you have signed up, improve your knowledge by taking additional courses for skipper, crew member, sail trim, bareboat charter etc….. The Catamaran Sailing confidence course is designed to provide you with valuable information that you can easily convert from your monohull skills to catamaran competence. In taking this course, we hope you gain a real appreciation for the differences and advantages of a catamaran. Click on the link below to sign up.

TIP: The Catamaran Company will consider your completed courses with NauticEd for pre-qualification to bareboat a charter catamaran.

Staff Update: Lisa Eberle Joins Charter Team

She’s fun, witty, and a great sales person with charter experience

For the last several years, Lisa has been working in partnership with The Catamaran Company in All-inclusive Charter Sales with Festiva Sailing Vacations.

Lisa has 20 years of sales experience which has allowed her to travel throughout the world, from Africa to Asia, Europe and South America. Each place has been a unique experience for her and always had one thing in common……. LOVE OF THE SEA!

When I interviewed Lisa regarding her expectations from her guests while on charter, she replied, “ A picture or two to add to my photo album so I can see them having fun and while on charter choose a special sunset and hold a drink up and toast, “Here’s to Lisa and priceless memories.” We feel Lisa will be an asset to our charter department and know that our clients will enjoy working with her. Lisa is now handling new inquiries and bookings as well as accommodating Stacy Coolbaughs former clients. For clients that booked via Stacy, please note all your requests are now being serviced by Lisa Eberle at or call 1.800. 2620.0308

Charter a new Gemini Catamaran in Tortola, BVI or Fort Lauderdale. You could get a 15% discount

From Thanksgiving , our Tortola BVI fleet will now offer the brand new 2010 Gemini

34ft catamaran. Book by November 10, 2009 and earn a 15% intro discount! If airfare complicates matters or you have a limited budget we also offer charters on the Gemini departing from Fort Lauderdale, FL to the Keys or Bahamas. The Gemini catamarans are a very respected brand of catamarans, with loads of deck space, fast hulls and comfortable cabins for up to five guests. The galley and dining area are well appointed with maximum storage space. Currently, Southwest Airlines, Jet Blue and various others are offering unbeatable airfare to Ft. Lauderdale and the Caribbean starting from $29-$69. Combine this with a 15% discount in Tortola and you have a very affordable vacation. Contact us today for a detailed charter quote at or call 1 800 262 0308 for more information.

TIP: If Ft. Lauderdale is your destination, we also offer the Lagoon 44, 420 and 410 for charter