Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Catamaran Company is VERY pleased to announce the sale of a 2013 Lagoon 52 4 cabin/4 head model into charter service in Tortola, BVI. Available from October 15th 2013 in Tortola, BVI.

4 cabin version: 1 owner's suite and 3 VIP guest cabins

It's all about the fact that the mast has been moved aft! And about combining sailing performance but keeping the luxury!

A mast placed more aft means:
  • More performance
  • Less pitching
  • More downwind sails possibilities
  • Easier maneuvering
  • Less efforts
  • Better visibility from the steering station
The mast is now more aft which is very similar to how racing boats operate for maximum sailing performance. By placing the mast aft many other opportunities arise in this catamaran and the ability to use space differently. What also stands out in the interior is the cabin space. This model has a 4 cabin layout with a VVIP owner's cabin and 3 VIP cabins. In the salon has a spectacular view due to lowered windows yet still remain vertical.

 The move of the mast aft has creating the following highlights.

It ensures a better centering of weight, less pitching and a better rig efficiency.
With the mast aft, boom is shorter and mainsail is more efficient.
Overall sailing performance is better than the Lagoon 500
  • The more the rig is centered, the better the balance of the sail plan.
  • The more aft the rig, the larger the downwind sails
  • Centered mast = lighter masts rig sails = less pitching
New electrical management system

Another interesting technological innovation on this catamaran is the electrical multiplexing of the onboard systems that are really more user friendly.
  • More information for a better power management: 3.5" touchscreen
  • An easy to use system
  • Interior light wireless switches
Helm station
  • Tilting helm pedestal: better visibility
  • Separate maneuvering position
  • Multipurpose settee
The steering station can be adjusted to three different positions (starboard, center or port), giving the skipper perfect visibility under sail or when maneuvering.

The sales price fully equipped for charter is approx. $1, 4 million to purchase fully equipped ready for charter. For charter we must ensure certain requirements such as mosquito nets, fridges/freezers, generator with air conditioning, deck gear etc. We also must ensure you that the return makes sense to the private owner of this vessel. We therefore have to charter out the catamaran at a rate that makes sense to operate this beautiful yacht in bareboat charter. Bareboat catamarans seem to be getting larger and larger and more expensive to operate in charter. You will need to know how to operate a catamaran of this size and you will need a first mate to help you along. If you have chartered a 44ft catamaran or larger we feel you probably have the requirements to operate this catamaran by yourself with help of a crew.
To operate this catamaran and maintain her in perfect condition, insure the vessel etc., the charter rates are as follows:

High SeasonMid-SeasonMid LowLow

We will honor your repeat charter discount. This is very rare opportunity to bring you the best charter product in the industry. Charter this catamaran in the world's best sailing destination...Tortola, BVI!
Nowhere in the world will you find another Lagoon 52 available for bareboat charter. This is a very unique opportunity to try out the latest innovation from Lagoon catamarans. The Lagoon 52 stands out over her competition. A noble catamaran built with luxurious materials and vast interior spaces. Open cockpit that feels more like a deck with an increased fly bridge space for socializing, taking the helm and sunbathing.
The Lagoon 52 is elegant, comfortable and a safe catamaran to charter. Very charter friendly and built to ensure that this catamaran can sail with a minimum amount of crew even though her size is vast. The catamaran is accessed via open aft transoms permitting easy boarding and disembarking with broad side decks all with recessed deck hatches.
The cockpit is level with the salon with an outdoor lounge and sun lounging area to starboard.
The fly bridge is reached either by a staircase leading from the cockpit, or by another leading from the deck on the starboard side.
Her hull lines are sleek and shapely, slightly beveled and the bows are superb. The Lagoon 52 represents the start of a new generation due to her rig, but also to her original design
The foresails have more power and they are also more multi-purpose allowing more challenging sailing. The longitudinal structure built into the seagull wing shaped bridge deck absorbs the compression force of the mast.