Thursday, April 25, 2013


      New, sophisticated, quality and chic catamarans available in Hodges Creek, Tortola BVI
        Owner or Charter versions sail or power... Bareboat & Crewed for the most discerning tastes.
Tell us your catamaran STYLE and we will advise you on all styles of catamarans. Let us find what will look best on you. All available from ONE central location!

We've got you covered in Hodges Creek Marina, BVI!
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LIMITED XMAS & NEW YEAR'S AVAILABILITY: lAGOON 38, 39, 450, 500, 52, 560, & 620 are open for Bareboat and Crewed catamaran charters. Hurry, availability won't last long!

SUMMER SPECIAL: Get 10 Days of PRICE of 7. Available on remaining open weeks! (New Bookings Only)

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  2. Woah! these are quite the choices for your next catamaran. I'll be sure to keep an eye for new updates by checking out this for sale catamarans.